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Spring into Change Q+A with Jessalyn Keywork


What’s motivating Jessalyn Keywork to amp up her own fitness game? Our challengers! Jessalyn shares what has surprised her most from the challenge and more in our final Spring into Change Challenge Q+A:

Cyc Fitness: Jessalyn, you are our last Cycologist Q+A of the Spring into Change Challenge. What surprised you most over the course of the challenge?

JK: The dedication, drive, and push each challenger has shown. I feel like so many people sign up for things and don’t follow through with them, but all of my riders are even more motivated than when they started. That is such a cool thing to be a part of! Being a mentor for 120 New York challengers has been a tall task. I try to keep all of my rides fresh, so that the challengers always have something new to look forward to.

Something else that has surprised me is how emotionally connected I feel to the challenge. Whenever I hear that someone met or surpassed a goal I go home and tell my husband right away! I’m so proud of all of our challengers for pushing through their goals and not giving up. Keep Going! Only 2 weeks left!!

CF: You grew up playing soccer, running track and dancing competitively. Do you bring these forms of physical activity into the studio? How do they come through in your classes?

JK: Absolutely! Dance has played a huge role in my knowledge of music, which is how I am able to come up with the playlists for my rides, especially when I include songs that are atypical, but work. As for the athlete in me, I am very competitive and super motivated to make each class better than the last. I think all of me shines through in my rides because I  try to show grace on the bike, as well as strength and power.

CF: What do you love most about your riders and what have you seen in this challenge that maybe you weren’t expecting from them?

JK: First thing first: I cannot believe so many people are participating in the challenge! It is because of this that the energy at Cyc has been nothing but positive and uplifting, confirming that this is a community I am so proud to be a part of. I think each challenger brought something special to the table when they signed up for #springintochange; I met some who were spinning for the first time, others who are focused on weight loss, making positive lifestyle changes, wedding prep, and even some who just want to conquer the Cyc method. It is unbelievable when I look at the room of riders and see so many familiar faces who are very visibly stronger than before.

Something else that’s awesome (and forcing me to step up my own game) is that many challengers have moved up to the 3,4 and even 5 pound weight bins. These same riders were using the 1 and 2 pound weights when they started and all I can think is DAYUM!

CF: What are you hoping to continue seeing from your riders?

JK: Even when the challenge ends I want our riders to stay motivated. I hope I can always be around for them, to keep my rides interesting and physically demanding. We have so much to gain from each other. #buddysystem

CF: Has the challenge been a positive experience for you as a Cycologist? Have you met any specific goals that you set for yourself?

JK: It has been unbelievably positive and it’s been tough… but tough in a good way! The challenge has helped me to grow as an instructor and a person. I’ve been teaching at Cyc for just under a year and a half and I am very proud of how far I have come since starting. It was a huge step to walk into the fitness industry and I have loved every minute of it, thank you to Cyc and Keoni for their nonstop support and love. We truly are a #cycfam, riders included! I feel so blessed to have been asked to mentor our challengers and that ‘job’ will never end for me!

CF: Summer is here! Any fun plans??

JK: My lil sister’s wedding is only a few weeks away, so I am headed to La Jolla to take on the important duties of maid of honor. After the wedding my husband and I plan on hanging in LA and catching up with old friends. There’s plenty more to be excited about, including my own one year wedding anniversary over Labor Day Weekend. Super pumped for it all!

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


Spring into Change Q+A with Jenny DeMain

20150428_JENNY (1)

In our latest Spring into Change Q+A, Jenny DeMain of Cyc Madison opens up about how she found Cyc and discovered her passion for teaching fitness:

Cyc Fitness: As a Cycologist for several years now, you’ve become pretty well known within the Cyc Madison community. Tell us something that your riders don’t know about you…

JD: I graduated with a Vocal Performance degree from University of Wisconsin on track to become an Opera Singer, similar to Keoni actually! My first love was acting on the stage, but my dream is to ultimately act on screen.

CF: With a focus in music and vocals, how did you end up teaching fitness?

JD: Well I always knew I wanted to do something in music and performing, maybe even directing. When I was a sophomore in college I started teaching fitness classes on the side for part-time work, and I became addicted to helping people reach their goals, while stretching myself to meet my own. The moment I knew I wanted to turn my addiction to Cyc into a career was when I started to realize that my heart was 100% into my work at Cyc, and only 70% elsewhere. I honestly get the same adrenaline rush from teaching as I do when I perform on stage. I love being in control of the lights, the music, and the message, creating my own little 45 minute show, 6 times a week… At first I felt a little bit guilty for wanting to switch career paths, but I knew deep down that it was what I really wanted. It’s the perfect complement to my two passions, and I feel truly lucky to have found it.

CF: You’ve said that when you took your first class at Cyc, you were going through the ending of a serious relationship. What role, if any did this play in getting through this difficult period for you?

JD: During that time in my life I was looking for distractions everywhere. The tough part was finding ones that were positive, when all I really wanted to do was stay in bed. A friend of mine suggested I try Cyc. I was apprehensive, but went for it, knowing this could be the healthy outlet that I so badly needed. It turned out to be the best advice! I loved that I could take a class for 45 minutes, sit in front of the mirror and watch myself get stronger. Riding became a really important part of my day. Later, when I decided to become a Cycologist, I met a whole new group of friends. Riding, training and all the support is what got me through this time.

CF: As a Cycologist, you’ve become known for your awesome playlists. How important is the music component in your classes?

JD: It’s everything! Music elicits emotion, which gives me a lot of power as an instructor. I think different genres work really well for different sectors of class. For the weighted portion, I love to use trap remixes, or melodic dubstep. Progressive house works really well for jumps, while deep house is fun for swimming. My favorite band is Coldplay, but I’m also a huge fan of female vocalists like Robyn, Florence + The Machine and Sia. If I could do a theme ride combining the three of them I think my life would be complete!

CF: If there’s one message you could instill in your riders what would it be?

JD: I often say “push at least eight counts past your comfort zone”. Because when you succeed by pushing past that initial impulse to give up when things get challenging — that’s how you get stronger mentally and physically. I tell my riders to be proud of what they’ve accomplished at the end of every class. Cyc is not just a workout, it’s a chance to really better yourself.

CF: Cyc prides itself in building communities in each studio. Do you think the Spring into Change Challenge has helped you meet and interact with some of your riders on a more personal level? 

JD: Definitely. Our goal at Cyc is to make every rider feel like they’re part of the Cyc family. I always joke that without them I’m just a girl sitting on a bike talking to herself. Two of my regular riders met and became friends through the Spring Into Change Challenge. They kept signing up for the same classes, so I introduced them, and now they’re halfway through the challenge and they ride together constantly. They became instant friends, and they may not have even met if it weren’t for the challenge. That’s what it’s all about!

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


Cyc Shout-Out: Austin Fit Features Cycologist Rachel Grosz

Austin Fit magazine chats with Cyc Austin phenom Rachel Grosz about how she became the successful fitness professional she is today, despite being born deaf:

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Cyc Shout-Out: SELF’s Fitness Hashtag to Watch

Check out what SELF Magazine is calling the new Fitness Hashtag to Watch, featuring trainer Natalie Uhling and Cyc’s Keoni Hudoba and Steph Dietz!

…One of our favorite things has got to be the #PartnerLikeABoss hashtag, the brainchild of trainers Natalie Uhling and her “partner in sweat” Keoni Hudoba, who are also both Under Armour ambassadors and Radius Fitness trainers. The two teamed up for a series of awesome partner poses and workouts while attending the conference together, like this bananas video of them below doing something called a “reverse wheelbarrow push-up.” 

Here’s one example, where Keoni and Steph paired up on their push-ups at the Forum Athletic Club (the home of Cyc Buckhead):

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Keoni Hudoba and Steph Dietz partnering like a boss at The Forum Athletic Club in Buckhead, Atlanta.

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Trick or Treat Yo’Self Challenge 2014 Details

Halloween is lurking. Are you costume ready?

If not, we’ll get you there with our One Week Trick or Treat Yo’Self Challenge.

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Cyc Shout-Out: Cyc Fitness in the News

There’s been a lot of exciting developments that we wanted to make sure to share with you all. Thank you to our friends at Forbes, Business Insider and Guest of a Guest for featuring us!

Forbes: The Race to Become Boutique: The Health Club Dilemma

“For even the ultra-luxe, national brands, that revenue isn’t trivial. DavidBartonGym moved CYC Fitness, a two-year-old cycling studio with two locations outside New York, into the basement of its Astor Place location in January. ‘They are already covering 12% of our total rent and we are only 8 months into the deal,’ said DavidBartonGym CEO Howard Brodsky. ‘We project that in 2015, CYC will cover between 16% and 22% of our total rent.'”

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Business Insider & Style Girlfriend: Guys’ Guide to Spin

Guys, look around you. It’s entirely possible that literally every woman in your office is heading to spin class after work tonight. There’s a reason spinning is “so hot right now” – it’s one of the best cardio workouts out there, features a hard-to-replicate community vibe, and is undeniably addictive. No lie, sixty minutes on the elliptical just won’t cut it after a good class with a great instructor.

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Guest of a Guest: You Should Know: Keoni Hudoba

Fitness expert and trainer Keoni Hudoba is the creator of the Cyc Method as well as Drenched. Named 2012’s Best Trainer by the Village Voice, the Hawaii-bred athlete is sponsored by Under Armour.
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Cyc Shout-Out: Indoor Cycling Mistakes

Loving this advice from Cycologist Adina Puteh on Women’s Health Mag, where she talks about common mistakes to watch out for while cycling–to ensure you get the absolute most out of your workout:

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