Cyc Events: Gilded Lily Glow Ride

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Healthy Brunch Recipes from Sports Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield

healthy-brunch-mothers-day-recipes-nutrition-tips-rebecca-scritchfield Developed in partnership with the Spring into Change Challenge, which is sponsored by the makers of Vitafusion™, the #1 adult gummy vitamin brand.

Stumped as to the best way to shower Mom with love this Mother’s Day? Celebrate the healthy way by treating her to a complimentary Cyc ride* followed by a delicious homemade brunch. Sports dietitian and nutrition expert Rebecca Scritchfield shares her three favorite healthy recipes that are excellent options after a morning sweat session!

The Tofu Scramble

Some people don’t consider brunch complete without eggs- whether they’re scrambled, fried or hardboiled. But for those of us who don’t like eggs or choose not to eat them, a tofu scramble can even be better than the “real thing.”

Why’s this a good ‘recovery’ treat?
You want to eat something that combines proteins and carbohydrates shortly after working out to help your body rebuild muscle fibers and refill energy stores. Tofu is a great vegetarian source of protein, plus it provides iron and calcium. Serve with a side of whole wheat toast.

Click here for the recipe >> 

PB+J Fruit Skewer
These fruit skewers with peanut butter yogurt dip are both easy to make and a great, grab-able treat.

Why’s this a good ‘recovery’ treat? 
The fruit delivers carbohydrates the body can quickly absorb plus fiber, vitamins and minerals like vitamin C which supports your immune system and the Greek yogurt provides the protein you need for recovery, plus calcium, and “good bacteria” for digestive health.

Click here for the recipe >>

Mango Lassi Smoothie

Made complete with freshly diced mango, lemon juice, honey and mint, this smoothie is a great way to cool down on a warm afternoon. Add some ‘spirits’ and make it a low calorie frozen cocktail!

Why is this a good ‘recovery’ treat? 
It’s always smart to have a smoothie after a workout because you’ll rehydrate and refuel your muscles. This Mango Lassi one is refreshing and functional. You’ll get nutritious carbohydrates from the mango and oats, plus protein, vitamins and minerals from the milk. Your muscles will drink up these nutrients and rebuild, which will help to reduce soreness.

Click here for full the recipe >>

Despite our best intentions, we don’t always get what we need through a healthy diet. Vitafusion Women’s gummy vitamins are a delicious way for you and Mom to cover your bases. A two gummy serving supports energy metabolism, bone health** and provides an excellent source of vitamins A, C and D. A sweet, nutritious end to a healthy Mother’s Day morning!

*Bring your mom to ride at Cyc on Mother’s Day, and her ride is free! Redeem at the front desk, valid for walk-in rides only, cannot be booked ahead of time.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


Cyc Music: May Motivation

workout, music, playlist, cyc fitness, spinning, indoor cycling, spin, cyc musicThese 40 tunes are perfect for channeling your inner athlete or getting ready for a night on the town. Highlights include songs from Will Smith, Drake, Jay Z and Phantogram like you’ve never heard them before.

Press play and turn it up!

Stay tuned for more jams from Cyc Music, and remember to book your bikes HERE!

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Spring into Change Q+A with Jenny DeMain

20150428_JENNY (1)

In our latest Spring into Change Q+A, Jenny DeMain of Cyc Madison opens up about how she found Cyc and discovered her passion for teaching fitness:

Cyc Fitness: As a Cycologist for several years now, you’ve become pretty well known within the Cyc Madison community. Tell us something that your riders don’t know about you…

JD: I graduated with a Vocal Performance degree from University of Wisconsin on track to become an Opera Singer, similar to Keoni actually! My first love was acting on the stage, but my dream is to ultimately act on screen.

CF: With a focus in music and vocals, how did you end up teaching fitness?

JD: Well I always knew I wanted to do something in music and performing, maybe even directing. When I was a sophomore in college I started teaching fitness classes on the side for part-time work, and I became addicted to helping people reach their goals, while stretching myself to meet my own. The moment I knew I wanted to turn my addiction to Cyc into a career was when I started to realize that my heart was 100% into my work at Cyc, and only 70% elsewhere. I honestly get the same adrenaline rush from teaching as I do when I perform on stage. I love being in control of the lights, the music, and the message, creating my own little 45 minute show, 6 times a week… At first I felt a little bit guilty for wanting to switch career paths, but I knew deep down that it was what I really wanted. It’s the perfect complement to my two passions, and I feel truly lucky to have found it.

CF: You’ve said that when you took your first class at Cyc, you were going through the ending of a serious relationship. What role, if any did this play in getting through this difficult period for you?

JD: During that time in my life I was looking for distractions everywhere. The tough part was finding ones that were positive, when all I really wanted to do was stay in bed. A friend of mine suggested I try Cyc. I was apprehensive, but went for it, knowing this could be the healthy outlet that I so badly needed. It turned out to be the best advice! I loved that I could take a class for 45 minutes, sit in front of the mirror and watch myself get stronger. Riding became a really important part of my day. Later, when I decided to become a Cycologist, I met a whole new group of friends. Riding, training and all the support is what got me through this time.

CF: As a Cycologist, you’ve become known for your awesome playlists. How important is the music component in your classes?

JD: It’s everything! Music elicits emotion, which gives me a lot of power as an instructor. I think different genres work really well for different sectors of class. For the weighted portion, I love to use trap remixes, or melodic dubstep. Progressive house works really well for jumps, while deep house is fun for swimming. My favorite band is Coldplay, but I’m also a huge fan of female vocalists like Robyn, Florence + The Machine and Sia. If I could do a theme ride combining the three of them I think my life would be complete!

CF: If there’s one message you could instill in your riders what would it be?

JD: I often say “push at least eight counts past your comfort zone”. Because when you succeed by pushing past that initial impulse to give up when things get challenging — that’s how you get stronger mentally and physically. I tell my riders to be proud of what they’ve accomplished at the end of every class. Cyc is not just a workout, it’s a chance to really better yourself.

CF: Cyc prides itself in building communities in each studio. Do you think the Spring into Change Challenge has helped you meet and interact with some of your riders on a more personal level? 

JD: Definitely. Our goal at Cyc is to make every rider feel like they’re part of the Cyc family. I always joke that without them I’m just a girl sitting on a bike talking to herself. Two of my regular riders met and became friends through the Spring Into Change Challenge. They kept signing up for the same classes, so I introduced them, and now they’re halfway through the challenge and they ride together constantly. They became instant friends, and they may not have even met if it weren’t for the challenge. That’s what it’s all about!

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


Two Friends, One Challenge: A Cyc Change Story Featuring Ali Stone and Lauren Felix

We spoke with two of our riders who signed up to take on the Spring Into Change Challenge together to motivate and hold each other accountable throughout The Challenge. Now 5 weeks in, Ali Stone and Lauren Felix sat down to share their progress and what they ultimately hope to get out of The Challenge. ALILAUREN Cyc Fitness: What was your goal in signing up for the challenge?

Lauren Felix: My goal in doing the challenge is to lose weight, but most importantly to feel healthier! I launched my own business last year and working out has fallen low on my priority list. Now I know how important it is to feel balanced and happy!

Ali Stone: My goal in joining the challenge was to get stronger and feel healthier!

Cyc: How is riding together better than alone?

Lauren: It’s awesome to have another person to keep you motivated. Ali’s been going to CYC for awhile, so having her there for moral support has been a huge help. The first class can be especially confusing for a newbie, so Ali and our Cycologist, Jenny, made sure I’d understand the flow of class and how to get my bike set up.

Ali: It’s so much more fun having a friend to push through the challenge with! We definitely motivate each other. We have a constant flow of text messages scheduling rides. Getting a text that Lauren is going to ride is definitely motivating to get myself there also. Knowing we get to ride with each other gives me something extra to look forward to with my workouts!

Ali, Jenny and Lauren after a Cyc ride. (credit: La Petite Fashionista Instagram)

Ali, Jenny and Lauren after a Cyc ride. (credit: La Petite Fashionista Instagram)

Cyc: So now that you’re halfway through The Challenge, have you noticed any changes in yourself?

Lauren: I feel stronger and I’ve built endurance. I get excited to work out now!  

Ali: Riding four times a week, I am definitely feeling stronger and more energized.

Cyc: What kind of change do you hope to see by the end of The Challenge?

Lauren: My goal is to make a change to a healthier lifestyle where fitness is equally as important as my growing business. I’m seeing the change already and it’s so rewarding. It actually gives me more energy to pour into my entrepreneurial pursuits!

Ali: By the end of the challenge I hope mostly to feel my best. Toning up a bit won’t hurt either!

Cyc: How will you continue the momentum after The Challenge is over?

Lauren:  I’ll continue taking classes at Cyc (with Ali as my workout partner, of course!) and focus on my health and achieving a better work-life balance. Change isn’t instantaneous, there is always a new goal or challenge you can push yourself towards.

Ali: After the challenge is over, I hope Lauren and I will keep motivating each other and riding together to keep in the great shape this challenge will whip us into!

Lauren Felix honed her skills as a Merchandiser before launching La Petite Fashionista, a blog related to all things fashion.

Ali Stone is a freelance photographer and jewelry designer, and recently featured Cyc on her blog, Those White Walls. TWW aims to inspire individuals to wear and do what they love.

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


This piece was edited on April 24, 2015, after its original publication to more accurately reflect Lauren Felix and Ali Stone’s original sentiments.

Cyc Music: Earth Week Workout Session

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There’s no better week to get out there and take in that fresh air than Earth Week. We’ve got 30 new tracks to get you motivated, on your feet, and out the door.

Stay tuned for more awesome playlists from Cyc Music, and remember to book your bikes HERE!
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Spring into Change Q+A with Caroline Reed

When Atlanta-based Cycologist Caroline Reed asked herself a few years ago what she would do if time and money weren’t a factor, the answer was obvious: be a fitness instructor. In our third Spring into Change Q+A, Caroline shares some very personal struggles, as well as how these obstacles led her to a renewed strength and belief in herself.


Cyc Fitness: Despite your current dedication to healthy living, rumor has it that you were once a party girl! When did you make a change, and what are some tips you can share with others who want to make positive changes in their lives?

Caroline Reed: One of the biggest misconceptions that I had about people who were fit or ate really well was that it mean adopting a lifestyle devoid of fun. I like to think I’ve proven myself wrong by seeking out healthy, high-energy activities that I genuinely enjoy. Not everyone’s made to be a runner, and for that matter, a lot of runners aren’t made to be cyclists, or zumba fanatics. You’ve really got to try all kinds of classes, and who knows, you may be surprised about what becomes your go-to workout! I also learned that healthy eating doesn’t have to be torturous. If you do it right, it’s actually delicious. Once I changed my diet to include wholesome and nutritious ingredients, everything from my sleep to my energy levels improved! But don’t get me wrong, I’m also a wholehearted advocate for two cheat meals a week. I love a few guilty pleasures (chili cheese fries, burgers and a cold beer, anyone?)!

CF: You said your first real workout, a long run, was a rough experience. What motivated you to keep pursuing fitness?

CR: Something I like to tell my riders is “change occurs when the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of changing”. At that time, I was working through a few obstacles. I was an overwhelmed college student with no real direction or solid support system. I didn’t set out on that first jog with any big goals, I just wanted to clear my head. I’ll never forget how difficult it was; the entire time I thought I was going to pass out from heat stroke and with every step I felt my excess body weight bouncing up and down! But I also remember getting home and feeling really proud of myself just for finishing. So I stuck with it and before I knew it I was seeing results, both physically and mentally. I guess I’d found my groove.

CF: Being confident about your body is so important, but it’s easy to feel pressure to achieve an idealized ‘perfect figure’. For you, you’ve said that this became a fixation which eventually spiraled into an eating disorder. What changes did you have to make to recover, and to ultimately learn how to love yourself again?

CR: This is such a sensitive topic for me, one that I debated sharing publicly. It’s hard to pinpoint all of the things I had to work on to overcome my disorder. The first thing that propelled me to change was the realization that someday I would have a family, and I started thinking about how my behaviors–both good and bad–would affect them. Through therapy, self-help books and a ton of prayer, I eventually got to a place where I was mentally strong enough to refuse to compare myself to others. Now I firmly believe in my own intrinsic value, and I know that I really do feel my best, mentally, when I’m dancing, teaching classes at Cyc and eating well!

CF: Tell us more about your work at Cyc, and what inspires you.

CR: Our studio has only been open for a couple of months, but we’ve already cultivated so much trust among our community of Cycologists and riders. It’s really rewarding to check in with my regular riders and meet new riders every week. I strive to take our riders far beyond what they think they’re capable of achieving, even if at the time they doubt themselves (and me!). Honestly, the sense of accomplishment they exude after class is as validating for me as it is them.

CF: What does ‘Spring Into Change’ mean to you?

CR: Spring Into Change has given us all an opportunity to stop looking around and to start looking within, for what it is that’s going to propel them to a better place. Every day contains a series of choices to create positive change. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to not be afraid of change, it’s leading you to a new beginning!

-Compiled by Leslie Steinberg