Be a Cyc Ambassador!

Are you, (how do we put this?) OBSESSED with Cyc?

Become a Cyc Ambassador!

The strength of the Cyc community rests upon the (well-­toned) shoulders of our strongest advocates, the Cyc Ambassador team. Made up of dynamic, outgoing brand ambassadors who live the Cyc lifestyle, the Influencer team is tasked with spreading our message of social fitness far and wide.cyc-influencer-brand-ambassador-cyc-fitness

As a Cyc Ambassador, you’re responsible for recruitment goals, attending a monthly meeting, and growing brand awareness through social media and events. In return, you’ll earn free rides, Cyc gear, and unlimited access to all of our events in your market.

Interested? Email us today for an application.

 CycFitnessRoseRide-81  cyc-fitness-cyc-influencerCYCFITNESS_REFINERY-100 copy 10430393_853142171397309_1865717184215313446_n

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