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Healthy Memorial Day BBQ Recipes from Sports Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield

20150511_NUTRITION Developed in partnership with the Spring into Change Challenge, which is sponsored by the makers of Vitafusion™, the #1 adult gummy vitamin brand.

Barbecue season is here! But wait, you’ve worked so hard these past several weeks on whipping your body into insane shape. Not to worry, you can still eat your favorite summer dishes and continue looking and feeling great. Sports Dietitian, Rebecca Scritchfield shares two of her healthy BBQ favorites.

Festive Red White and Blue Burger

Who doesn’t love an All American Burger? These days you can make one with lean ground beef, bison, turkey and more protein rich sources. Add a whole wheat or gluten free bun and the combo provides the perfect balance of carbohydrates to replace glycogen from your ride and protein to rebuild and repair muscles so you’ll be stronger for your next workout.

Click here for the full recipe >>

Healthy Summer Slaw

A slight tweak to the staple by swapping out the mayo and adding lime and cilantro turns cole slaw into a vegetarian side that’s both healthy and refreshing! Cabbage supports digestive health with fiber providing 1.5 grams of fiber per 1 cup serving.

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Source: USDA Nutrient Database, SRR 27

Despite our best intentions, we don’t always get what we need through a healthy diet. For a great way to support energy metabolism through the summer, try vitafusion B12 – each serving of two delicious gummies provides an excellent source of this important nutrient.** A sweet way to kick off the season!

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


Healthy Brunch Recipes from Sports Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield

healthy-brunch-mothers-day-recipes-nutrition-tips-rebecca-scritchfield Developed in partnership with the Spring into Change Challenge, which is sponsored by the makers of Vitafusion™, the #1 adult gummy vitamin brand.

Stumped as to the best way to shower Mom with love this Mother’s Day? Celebrate the healthy way by treating her to a complimentary Cyc ride* followed by a delicious homemade brunch. Sports dietitian and nutrition expert Rebecca Scritchfield shares her three favorite healthy recipes that are excellent options after a morning sweat session!

The Tofu Scramble

Some people don’t consider brunch complete without eggs- whether they’re scrambled, fried or hardboiled. But for those of us who don’t like eggs or choose not to eat them, a tofu scramble can even be better than the “real thing.”

Why’s this a good ‘recovery’ treat?
You want to eat something that combines proteins and carbohydrates shortly after working out to help your body rebuild muscle fibers and refill energy stores. Tofu is a great vegetarian source of protein, plus it provides iron and calcium. Serve with a side of whole wheat toast.

Click here for the recipe >> 

PB+J Fruit Skewer
These fruit skewers with peanut butter yogurt dip are both easy to make and a great, grab-able treat.

Why’s this a good ‘recovery’ treat? 
The fruit delivers carbohydrates the body can quickly absorb plus fiber, vitamins and minerals like vitamin C which supports your immune system and the Greek yogurt provides the protein you need for recovery, plus calcium, and “good bacteria” for digestive health.

Click here for the recipe >>

Mango Lassi Smoothie

Made complete with freshly diced mango, lemon juice, honey and mint, this smoothie is a great way to cool down on a warm afternoon. Add some ‘spirits’ and make it a low calorie frozen cocktail!

Why is this a good ‘recovery’ treat? 
It’s always smart to have a smoothie after a workout because you’ll rehydrate and refuel your muscles. This Mango Lassi one is refreshing and functional. You’ll get nutritious carbohydrates from the mango and oats, plus protein, vitamins and minerals from the milk. Your muscles will drink up these nutrients and rebuild, which will help to reduce soreness.

Click here for full the recipe >>

Despite our best intentions, we don’t always get what we need through a healthy diet. Vitafusion Women’s gummy vitamins are a delicious way for you and Mom to cover your bases. A two gummy serving supports energy metabolism, bone health** and provides an excellent source of vitamins A, C and D. A sweet, nutritious end to a healthy Mother’s Day morning!

*Bring your mom to ride at Cyc on Mother’s Day, and her ride is free! Redeem at the front desk, valid for walk-in rides only, cannot be booked ahead of time.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


Two Friends, One Challenge: A Cyc Change Story Featuring Ali Stone and Lauren Felix

We spoke with two of our riders who signed up to take on the Spring Into Change Challenge together to motivate and hold each other accountable throughout The Challenge. Now 5 weeks in, Ali Stone and Lauren Felix sat down to share their progress and what they ultimately hope to get out of The Challenge. ALILAUREN Cyc Fitness: What was your goal in signing up for the challenge?

Lauren Felix: My goal in doing the challenge is to lose weight, but most importantly to feel healthier! I launched my own business last year and working out has fallen low on my priority list. Now I know how important it is to feel balanced and happy!

Ali Stone: My goal in joining the challenge was to get stronger and feel healthier!

Cyc: How is riding together better than alone?

Lauren: It’s awesome to have another person to keep you motivated. Ali’s been going to CYC for awhile, so having her there for moral support has been a huge help. The first class can be especially confusing for a newbie, so Ali and our Cycologist, Jenny, made sure I’d understand the flow of class and how to get my bike set up.

Ali: It’s so much more fun having a friend to push through the challenge with! We definitely motivate each other. We have a constant flow of text messages scheduling rides. Getting a text that Lauren is going to ride is definitely motivating to get myself there also. Knowing we get to ride with each other gives me something extra to look forward to with my workouts!

Ali, Jenny and Lauren after a Cyc ride. (credit: La Petite Fashionista Instagram)

Ali, Jenny and Lauren after a Cyc ride. (credit: La Petite Fashionista Instagram)

Cyc: So now that you’re halfway through The Challenge, have you noticed any changes in yourself?

Lauren: I feel stronger and I’ve built endurance. I get excited to work out now!  

Ali: Riding four times a week, I am definitely feeling stronger and more energized.

Cyc: What kind of change do you hope to see by the end of The Challenge?

Lauren: My goal is to make a change to a healthier lifestyle where fitness is equally as important as my growing business. I’m seeing the change already and it’s so rewarding. It actually gives me more energy to pour into my entrepreneurial pursuits!

Ali: By the end of the challenge I hope mostly to feel my best. Toning up a bit won’t hurt either!

Cyc: How will you continue the momentum after The Challenge is over?

Lauren:  I’ll continue taking classes at Cyc (with Ali as my workout partner, of course!) and focus on my health and achieving a better work-life balance. Change isn’t instantaneous, there is always a new goal or challenge you can push yourself towards.

Ali: After the challenge is over, I hope Lauren and I will keep motivating each other and riding together to keep in the great shape this challenge will whip us into!

Lauren Felix honed her skills as a Merchandiser before launching La Petite Fashionista, a blog related to all things fashion.

Ali Stone is a freelance photographer and jewelry designer, and recently featured Cyc on her blog, Those White Walls. TWW aims to inspire individuals to wear and do what they love.

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


This piece was edited on April 24, 2015, after its original publication to more accurately reflect Lauren Felix and Ali Stone’s original sentiments.

Nutrition Tips from Sports Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield: Fueling Your Ride

20150320_NUTRITION (1)

Developed in partnership with the Spring into Change Challenge, sponsored by the makers of Vitafusion, the #1 gummy vitamin brand.

We talked to sports dietitian and health expert Rebecca Scritchfield about the most enjoyable ways to fulfill your nutrient needs when you’re spinning 3-4 times per week. Follow these tips on what to eat before and after a workout to fuel up the right way.

Rebecca Scritchfield

Rebecca Scritchfield

  • Don’t ride on “empty”: If you think you perform better on an empty stomach, think again. I’m forever amazed at how many people “exercise to eat” rather than “eat to exercise”. Pre-exercise fuel should hydrate your body, fuel your muscles and settle your stomach. Choose foods with high carbohydrates and moderate protein that are lower in fat and fiber. Try this: a bagel with a dollop of nut butter or a yogurt and granola parfait with banana or berries.
  • Start off on the right foot: Have a hard time waking up for your morning ride? Before you go to bed, place a piece of whole fruit—like a banana, apple or pear—and an English muffin topped with almond butter on your nightstand. Set it beside some great-tasting Vitafusion MultiVites for a wake-up call that will feel more delicious than dreaded.
  • Put Omega-3s on the menu: When you think about protein, consider if it also contains omega-3 fatty acids (healthy fats), which may alleviate muscle soreness, reduce inflammation and improve joint health. These healthy fats can be eaten anytime of day. My favorite options include tuna, salmon, anchovies and lamb.
  • Choose healthy on-the-go options: There are lots of on-the-go fitness bars out there, but not all are healthy. Always look at the nutrition label before making your selection, and choose something with wholesome ingredients like nuts, dried fruit and honey, which give athletes the energy they need. You can also try my 2-Minute Peanut Butter Rice Squares, which have just three ingredients and require no refrigeration– just prep and go!
  • Get your “nutrient C”: Usually with endurance athletes, the nutrient most lacking is carbohydrates. I’m constantly asking my athletes to increase “nutrient C”. Eating too much high-protein and high-fat food shortly before exercise can cause an upset stomach and delay glycogen uptake in your muscles. Healthy carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, keep your body going. Pre-fuel 60-90 minutes before a workout and refuel within 60 minutes of exercising. Try a recovery bowl with two scrambled eggs, vegetables, half an avocado and brown rice or beans.

-Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


Spring Into Change Q+A With Jess Clark

Austin’s healthy girl-about-town, Jess Clark, knows a thing or two about making change happen. A few years ago, this fearless Cycologist chose to leave her role as Marketing Director for a large firm to start her own health and wellness business. What she has learned can’t be taught behind a desk. It took a ton of work and even more courage to get to where Jess is today: founder of Pump & Shred, and one of Austin’s hottest Cycologists! We talked with Jess about how she made her dreams a reality:


Cyc Fitness: What does being a Cycologist mean to you?

Jess Clark: Teaching classes at Cyc gives me an outlet for coaching that is just as much about having fun as it is about getting a great workout. I love that Cyc encourages balance and places a great deal of importance on the social aspect of fitness. Cyc is a place where we can come as we are, and dance, sing, sweat, and leave feeling like the best version of ourselves. No judgement, no competition, just good vibes.

CF: What are you hoping to get out of the Spring into Change Challenge?

JC: I am hoping to get to know more of our riders and help them achieve their health and fitness goals throughout the challenge. I want to provide more support to our tribe in Austin and guide them through change and overcoming obstacles. In return, I hope to gain a new group of fit friends to help me reach my personal fitness goals. By going at it together we can increase our chance for success exponentially. Accountability is what this challenge is all about.

CF: One of your biggest life changes was to leave a safe corporate job to pursue your dream career in health and wellness. How was this challenging for you?

JC: The decision to pursue my dream career in health and wellness was super challenging. First of all, it was tough explaining my feelings to family and friends who were more traditional in their beliefs about career and life. I got the vibe that everyone thought I was crazy but deep down I trusted my gut and decided to take the plunge with or without their support. I think the hardest part was learning not to second guess myself. Learning how to trust my instincts and not rely too much on what other people think has been transformative. And best of all is that I wake up every day knowing that I’m doing what I love and helping others improve their health and wellness!

CF: You said that once you started teaching group fitness your outlook on life improved, as if you were happy for the first time; your physical and emotional self was in harmony. Can you explain that a bit?

JC: When I started coaching group fitness I didn’t know if I’d be any good at it. But I learned that mentoring and coaching come naturally to me, and I really get so much out of it. I love seeing my clients get the results they’re looking for. Whether it’s a big or small change, I’m helping transform people’s lives for the better. Once I started helping my clients I noticed that I developed a greater appreciation of others. Seeing vulnerability in my clients revealed to me my own weaknesses and the more I help other’s the more accepting and kind I become to myself.

CF: Starting over professionally couldn’t have been easy. What were some of the most difficult things starting out?

JC: I think the most difficult part of starting anything new is the fear of failure. Risk is scary because you’re afraid of what will happen to you if it doesn’t work out. And most of the time settling for ‘good enough’ is easy, comforting and familiar, but there’s nothing exciting or great about it! I also feared being judged by my peers; I used to think that people would think less of me if my business didn’t work out. There are setbacks, for sure, but you learn so much from these experiences. What I’ve learned is to keep believing in myself, to continue working hard and to never give up on the things that matter to me. Be fearless.

-Compiled by Leslie Steinberg