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Announcing The First Ever Spin Studio At A Music Festival: Cyc + TomorrowWorld!

We’re SO cyc’d to announce we’re taking our party on a bike to a whole new level…

Cyc is partnering with TomorrowWorld, America’s largest 21+ electronic dance music festival, to create the first-ever onsite festival spin experience. Residents of TomorrowWorld’s DreamVille will be able to take Cyc rides at our outdoor studio on Saturday (9/26) and Sunday (9/27) mornings.

Like Cyc, TomorrowWorld believes in the importance of having a social active life. With the introduction of Cyc, festival-goers won’t have to sacrifice their love of fitness for their love of music, they can have both!

All TomorrowWorld ticket holders will soon be able to reserve their bikes for the price of a small donation that will go towards the Atlanta Music Project. They’ll also be gifted a free in-studio Cyc ride when he or she brings their ticket to the front desk.

Before the festival, look forward to in-studio Theme Rides featuring headliners, as well as events and ticket giveaways! Stay tuned to our email newsletters and social media platforms (@cycfitness) and you could be headed to TomorrowWorld before you know it!

For more details, check out the official press release:
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Spring into Change Q+A with Jessalyn Keywork


What’s motivating Jessalyn Keywork to amp up her own fitness game? Our challengers! Jessalyn shares what has surprised her most from the challenge and more in our final Spring into Change Challenge Q+A:

Cyc Fitness: Jessalyn, you are our last Cycologist Q+A of the Spring into Change Challenge. What surprised you most over the course of the challenge?

JK: The dedication, drive, and push each challenger has shown. I feel like so many people sign up for things and don’t follow through with them, but all of my riders are even more motivated than when they started. That is such a cool thing to be a part of! Being a mentor for 120 New York challengers has been a tall task. I try to keep all of my rides fresh, so that the challengers always have something new to look forward to.

Something else that has surprised me is how emotionally connected I feel to the challenge. Whenever I hear that someone met or surpassed a goal I go home and tell my husband right away! I’m so proud of all of our challengers for pushing through their goals and not giving up. Keep Going! Only 2 weeks left!!

CF: You grew up playing soccer, running track and dancing competitively. Do you bring these forms of physical activity into the studio? How do they come through in your classes?

JK: Absolutely! Dance has played a huge role in my knowledge of music, which is how I am able to come up with the playlists for my rides, especially when I include songs that are atypical, but work. As for the athlete in me, I am very competitive and super motivated to make each class better than the last. I think all of me shines through in my rides because I  try to show grace on the bike, as well as strength and power.

CF: What do you love most about your riders and what have you seen in this challenge that maybe you weren’t expecting from them?

JK: First thing first: I cannot believe so many people are participating in the challenge! It is because of this that the energy at Cyc has been nothing but positive and uplifting, confirming that this is a community I am so proud to be a part of. I think each challenger brought something special to the table when they signed up for #springintochange; I met some who were spinning for the first time, others who are focused on weight loss, making positive lifestyle changes, wedding prep, and even some who just want to conquer the Cyc method. It is unbelievable when I look at the room of riders and see so many familiar faces who are very visibly stronger than before.

Something else that’s awesome (and forcing me to step up my own game) is that many challengers have moved up to the 3,4 and even 5 pound weight bins. These same riders were using the 1 and 2 pound weights when they started and all I can think is DAYUM!

CF: What are you hoping to continue seeing from your riders?

JK: Even when the challenge ends I want our riders to stay motivated. I hope I can always be around for them, to keep my rides interesting and physically demanding. We have so much to gain from each other. #buddysystem

CF: Has the challenge been a positive experience for you as a Cycologist? Have you met any specific goals that you set for yourself?

JK: It has been unbelievably positive and it’s been tough… but tough in a good way! The challenge has helped me to grow as an instructor and a person. I’ve been teaching at Cyc for just under a year and a half and I am very proud of how far I have come since starting. It was a huge step to walk into the fitness industry and I have loved every minute of it, thank you to Cyc and Keoni for their nonstop support and love. We truly are a #cycfam, riders included! I feel so blessed to have been asked to mentor our challengers and that ‘job’ will never end for me!

CF: Summer is here! Any fun plans??

JK: My lil sister’s wedding is only a few weeks away, so I am headed to La Jolla to take on the important duties of maid of honor. After the wedding my husband and I plan on hanging in LA and catching up with old friends. There’s plenty more to be excited about, including my own one year wedding anniversary over Labor Day Weekend. Super pumped for it all!

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


Cyc Change Story: John Seabright’s Transformation


Cyc rider and photographer John Seabright sat down with us to share how the Spring Into Change Challenge helped him shed some weight, gain some muscle, strength, and a whole new crew. Read our third rider change story below.

Cyc: What motivated you to join the Spring into Change Challenge?
John Seabright: I noticed that I was getting into better shape just from riding at Cyc occasionally and really wanted to push myself to see how far I could go. I often work from home, sitting at a computer all day editing photos, or working on budgets, so I don’t move around much. I try to take 2-3 classes a week when my schedule allows just to get moving. It’s funny because I was telling my friend that I wished Cyc would do a monthly unlimited deal and the next day I saw a sign for the Spring into Change Challenge!

Cyc: What makes Cyc different from other classes you’ve tried?
JS: I’ve played soccer my whole life, so I really enjoy the camaraderie of team sports. I’ve tried other spin studios, but their vibe wasn’t for me, and I didn’t think they were worth the price. Cyc is half the price and I feel close with the instructors and my fellow riders. I prefer the layout of the bikes in Cyc too — I like the mirrors because I can see everyone, which motivates me to push myself harder.

Cyc: Do you have a favorite Cycologist to ride with?
JS: My favorite Cycologist to ride with would have to be Jessalyn. I actually knew her from before she worked at Cyc, and I choose to take most of my classes with her. But I also really enjoy Aaron and John’s classes. There’s a definitely a benefit to trying other Cycologists because everyone has their own unique style. I’m really looking forward to my class with Tom this week… apparently there’ll be some twerking!

Cyc: What’s your favorite feel-good activity after a Cyc ride? 
JS: After Cyc, I really enjoy going out and grabbing a salad and glass of wine (or two) with friends. Honestly, Cyc puts me in such a good mood that I want to interact with people after riding. I play soccer a few times a week, so Cyc is also a great way to get warmed up and loose before a game.

Cyc: Have you seen significant changes since the Challenge began?
JS: I really have noticed some significant changes in my body, and in the way I go about my day. At the midway point, five weeks in, I weighed myself and was amazed to see that I had lost 12 pounds since starting! My arms and legs are more muscular and my stomach is tighter. I’ve also made an effort to eat healthier and go out drinking less often. I loved the blog post on nutrition tips from Rebecca Scritchfield and I started putting the Vitafusion MultiVites and a clementine next to my bed each night for the morning. My friend Stacey even commented on my new svelte figure (haha) and positive attitude shift.

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg

John Seabright is a photographer and film producer with his own production studio in Long Island City.

*REFER A FRIEND: Whether your buddies sign up with you to take on a challenge of your own, or to take on just a few rides, make sure you earn a little extra credit to ride by using your personal refer code. For every friend you refer with your referral link who spends $40 towards rides, you get $40 towards rides too.


Introducing a Cyc Contributor: Leslie Steinberg

leslieLeslie Steinberg is a Cyc Blog writer who’s passionate about health, wellness, handmade ceramics, quirky illustrations, indie skincare, athleisure and all-things-breakfast.

This health nut has made a career out of her favorite things. She founded her own snack brand, Savvy Snacks, which uses the highest quality ingredients to create a treat with the optimal blend of nutritional goodness and great taste. Her goal? To promote well-being and happiness through thoughtful lifestyle choices.


Leslie is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Food Therapist through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She consults for wellness brands in marketing, styling, social media and writing.

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See below for more about Leslie and Savvy Snacks:

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Cyc Sanctuary at SX in Austin

Looking for a healthy oasis during Austin’s festival craziness? Check out our Sanctuary at SX pop-up on East 7th Street this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning, along with Under Armour, Wellthily, Vitafusion and Blueprint. With Cyc rides, yoga, meditation, snacks and juices, it’ll be a well-earned break from the madness.

To RSVP for your Cyc ride, email with your preferred ride time. (See below for all 6 possible ride slots.)


For more details on our Sanctuary at SX, click here >>

Cyc Music: Top Hits from 2014

workout, music, playlist, cyc fitness, spinning, indoor cycling, spin, cyc music

We’re constantly searching for new jams to help take your road trips to the next level. Here are some of our favorite hits from 2014 that moved us and kept us coming back for more!

Remember to book your bikes for all of our Best of 2014 theme rides!

Tune in next week for a Cyc Music playlist to jumpstart the new year!

– Will Kelleher, Cycologist, Cyc Austin



Cyc Music: Best of The 12 Days of Theme Rides Playlist

workout, music, playlist, cyc fitness, spinning, indoor cycling, spin, cyc music
For our inaugural Cyc Music playlist, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite hits from all our 12 Days of Theme Rides artists! (Plus, we’ve sprinkled in a few seasonal jams to get you in the holiday spirit.)

Remember to book your bikes to get those last few theme rides in!

And be sure to tune in every Sunday to Cyc Music to get your workout playlist for the upcoming week!

– Will Kelleher, Cycologist, Cyc Austin