Cyc Change Story: John Seabright’s Transformation


Cyc rider and photographer John Seabright sat down with us to share how the Spring Into Change Challenge helped him shed some weight, gain some muscle, strength, and a whole new crew. Read our third rider change story below.

Cyc: What motivated you to join the Spring into Change Challenge?
John Seabright: I noticed that I was getting into better shape just from riding at Cyc occasionally and really wanted to push myself to see how far I could go. I often work from home, sitting at a computer all day editing photos, or working on budgets, so I don’t move around much. I try to take 2-3 classes a week when my schedule allows just to get moving. It’s funny because I was telling my friend that I wished Cyc would do a monthly unlimited deal and the next day I saw a sign for the Spring into Change Challenge!

Cyc: What makes Cyc different from other classes you’ve tried?
JS: I’ve played soccer my whole life, so I really enjoy the camaraderie of team sports. I’ve tried other spin studios, but their vibe wasn’t for me, and I didn’t think they were worth the price. Cyc is half the price and I feel close with the instructors and my fellow riders. I prefer the layout of the bikes in Cyc too — I like the mirrors because I can see everyone, which motivates me to push myself harder.

Cyc: Do you have a favorite Cycologist to ride with?
JS: My favorite Cycologist to ride with would have to be Jessalyn. I actually knew her from before she worked at Cyc, and I choose to take most of my classes with her. But I also really enjoy Aaron and John’s classes. There’s a definitely a benefit to trying other Cycologists because everyone has their own unique style. I’m really looking forward to my class with Tom this week… apparently there’ll be some twerking!

Cyc: What’s your favorite feel-good activity after a Cyc ride? 
JS: After Cyc, I really enjoy going out and grabbing a salad and glass of wine (or two) with friends. Honestly, Cyc puts me in such a good mood that I want to interact with people after riding. I play soccer a few times a week, so Cyc is also a great way to get warmed up and loose before a game.

Cyc: Have you seen significant changes since the Challenge began?
JS: I really have noticed some significant changes in my body, and in the way I go about my day. At the midway point, five weeks in, I weighed myself and was amazed to see that I had lost 12 pounds since starting! My arms and legs are more muscular and my stomach is tighter. I’ve also made an effort to eat healthier and go out drinking less often. I loved the blog post on nutrition tips from Rebecca Scritchfield and I started putting the Vitafusion MultiVites and a clementine next to my bed each night for the morning. My friend Stacey even commented on my new svelte figure (haha) and positive attitude shift.

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg

John Seabright is a photographer and film producer with his own production studio in Long Island City.

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