Two Friends, One Challenge: A Cyc Change Story Featuring Ali Stone and Lauren Felix

We spoke with two of our riders who signed up to take on the Spring Into Change Challenge together to motivate and hold each other accountable throughout The Challenge. Now 5 weeks in, Ali Stone and Lauren Felix sat down to share their progress and what they ultimately hope to get out of The Challenge. ALILAUREN Cyc Fitness: What was your goal in signing up for the challenge?

Lauren Felix: My goal in doing the challenge is to lose weight, but most importantly to feel healthier! I launched my own business last year and working out has fallen low on my priority list. Now I know how important it is to feel balanced and happy!

Ali Stone: My goal in joining the challenge was to get stronger and feel healthier!

Cyc: How is riding together better than alone?

Lauren: It’s awesome to have another person to keep you motivated. Ali’s been going to CYC for awhile, so having her there for moral support has been a huge help. The first class can be especially confusing for a newbie, so Ali and our Cycologist, Jenny, made sure I’d understand the flow of class and how to get my bike set up.

Ali: It’s so much more fun having a friend to push through the challenge with! We definitely motivate each other. We have a constant flow of text messages scheduling rides. Getting a text that Lauren is going to ride is definitely motivating to get myself there also. Knowing we get to ride with each other gives me something extra to look forward to with my workouts!

Ali, Jenny and Lauren after a Cyc ride. (credit: La Petite Fashionista Instagram)

Ali, Jenny and Lauren after a Cyc ride. (credit: La Petite Fashionista Instagram)

Cyc: So now that you’re halfway through The Challenge, have you noticed any changes in yourself?

Lauren: I feel stronger and I’ve built endurance. I get excited to work out now!  

Ali: Riding four times a week, I am definitely feeling stronger and more energized.

Cyc: What kind of change do you hope to see by the end of The Challenge?

Lauren: My goal is to make a change to a healthier lifestyle where fitness is equally as important as my growing business. I’m seeing the change already and it’s so rewarding. It actually gives me more energy to pour into my entrepreneurial pursuits!

Ali: By the end of the challenge I hope mostly to feel my best. Toning up a bit won’t hurt either!

Cyc: How will you continue the momentum after The Challenge is over?

Lauren:  I’ll continue taking classes at Cyc (with Ali as my workout partner, of course!) and focus on my health and achieving a better work-life balance. Change isn’t instantaneous, there is always a new goal or challenge you can push yourself towards.

Ali: After the challenge is over, I hope Lauren and I will keep motivating each other and riding together to keep in the great shape this challenge will whip us into!

Lauren Felix honed her skills as a Merchandiser before launching La Petite Fashionista, a blog related to all things fashion.

Ali Stone is a freelance photographer and jewelry designer, and recently featured Cyc on her blog, Those White Walls. TWW aims to inspire individuals to wear and do what they love.

– Compiled by Leslie Steinberg


This piece was edited on April 24, 2015, after its original publication to more accurately reflect Lauren Felix and Ali Stone’s original sentiments.

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