Spring Into Change Q+A With Keoni Hudoba

In our first Spring Into Change Q&A, we talk with Cyc Method creator Keoni Hudoba to learn more about his extensive career, his personal motivation, and what he eats on his “off” days:

Cyc Fitness: A lot of people may not know this, but you actually started your professional career as an opera singer. How did you end up becoming a fitness professional?
Keoni Hudoba: Fitness is what ultimately changed me. I was living an unhealthy life of emotional eating when I was dealing with my sexuality. I found peace when I started taking classes at the gym. One day, an instructor that I’d become friendly with asked me to sub a class for him and I tried it out and loved it. I felt such a rush during that first class, and all the sudden I discovered I had this insatiable appetite for teaching fitness (that still exists to this day).


CF: When did you move to NYC? Was it difficult leaving your home in Hawaii for the concrete jungle?
KH: It honestly wasn’t so difficult making the transition to New York, because I’d already studied Vocal Performance at Shenandoah Conservatory in Virginia for a few years, so I was used to being away from home. Though I’m definitely still an island boy at heart. Whenever I’m not leading classes or flying around the world for work, you can always find me at the beach somewhere!

CF: You workout 4 hours a day and teach on top of that. What else do you do to stay healthy (as if that’s not enough!)?
KH: I try to eat as healthy as possible, but with my travel schedule I find myself eating out a lot. I get my nutrition kick every day with Vitafusion men’s gummy vitamins. (They taste like candy!) I love sweets so if I hit a weekly goal I allow myself a treat from my favorite spot: City Cakes in NYC.

CF: What’s your philosophy on food and eating? Do you like to cook, and if so, what’s your favorite dish to make?
KH: How you fuel your body is just as important as your workout. I try to focus on eating whole grains, lean proteins, lots of fruit and veggies, and I eat organic whenever possible. I monitor my intake by the way I feel, look and how much sleep I’m getting. It’s crazy how much our bodies tell us about our health. I do love to cook, but I so rarely have a kitchen while I’m traveling, so it happens much less often than I’d like!

CF: You’ve had incredible success as a trainer and now as one of the founders of Cyc. Any setbacks or times that didn’t work out the way you planned?
KH: Of course there are always things that happen in life that we can’t control… But that’s life. I just try my best to be as prepared as possible for whatever comes my way.

CF: You must wake up some mornings not wanting to work out. What do you do?
KH: Working out is my therapy. I’m lucky that it just so happens to be my job too.

CF: What’s your favorite song to ride to?
KH: This is a hard one… I have a huge list. But my favorite song to ride to at this moment is Hyper Love by Ferry Corsten.

CF: What’s one piece of advice you would give to a new rider?
KH: Even if you’re hesitant at first, let your instructor know you’re new, and have them help you set up your bike. Once class gets going, don’t be afraid to get a little uncomfortable and push past your boundaries.

CF: Any personal goals for you in the “Spring into Change” challenge?
KH: I’d like to assist every single challenger in reaching their own personal goals over the next few months.

CF: Gotta ask, do you still sing opera (maybe in the shower)?
KH: Haha, I sing at every single show I put on at Cyc!

-Leslie Steinberg


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