Cyc Change Story: Shela Wu


When she first started college at New York University this fall, Shela Wu worried she’d be taking on unhealthy habits along with her course load. As a Mathematics and Computer Science major, she spent so much time studying for exams and writing essays that it was becoming commonplace for her to eat dinner past midnight. This new lifestyle was far from ideal for the formerly fit and active 19-year-old, so with a little push from her roommate, Shela tried spinning at Cyc, and was immediately drawn to what she refers to as “such a supportive, yet bad ass community”. Although she admits she had trouble keeping the beat in her first few classes — who doesn’t? — Shela, with the help of the Cycologists and her fellow riders, didn’t give up. Now, noticeably stronger and happier, Shela is challenging herself yet again with the latest Spring into Change Challenge powered by Vitafusion.

Here’s a little insight into how Cyc has empowered Shela’s healthy transformation:

Cyc Fitness: How long have you been riding at Cyc and how were you introduced to Cyc?

Shela Wu: My roommate, Samantha introduced me to Cyc. I was extremely reluctant to join her at first because I didn’t think cycling was for me, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer, so we went together one day in December and after that first class I was hooked!

CF: Why are you doing this challenge?

SW: I’m doing this challenge because I want to improve my lifestyle. Part of the reason why the move to NYC was hard was because I had to learn to make decisions and organize a schedule on my own, including what I should eat and when I should work out! I often find that I resort to just ordering in instead of buying fresh ingredients and cooking. With the help of a personal Cycologist mentor and recipe tips, I think the Spring into Change Challenge will help me improve my eating habits.


CF: Any Spring fitness goals?

SW: I definitely want to get stronger! At this point, I’m not focusing on losing weight. I’ve already noticed that after just a few months of cycling I’ve been able to do things like pushups more easily and I feel better overall. I want to keep that momentum going and keep improving!

CF: What do you do to stay healthy outside of spinning?

SW: I enjoy the occasional kickboxing class at I Love Kickboxing. It’s another great strength builder and hitting a punching bag a huge stress reliever!
CF: You mentioned feeling an immediate sense of community when you first rode at Cyc. What is it about Cyc that makes you feel that way?

SW: Well, all of the Cycologists that I’ve ridden with have been so amazing, but I’d really like to thank Aaron, Tom, and Arlene; especially Tom because he really helped educate me about taking care of my muscles through rolling them out. As for Cyc staff members, I’d like to recognize Ashley and Nick! They’re always smiling and so welcoming and helpful! Now, after several months, I’m riding about twice every day and it doesn’t even feel like work! I’m noticeably stronger and happier and I owe it all to Cyc.

REFER A FRIEND: Whether your buddies sign up with you to take on the Challenge (beginning March 23rd), or to take on just a few rides, make sure you earn a little extra credit to ride by using your personal refer code. For every friend you refer with your referral link who spends $40 towards rides, you get $40 towards rides too.


-Leslie Steinberg

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