Cyc Shout-Out: 30 Top Fitness Instagrammers

Fitness platform DailyBurn highlighted the 30 Top Fitness Instagrammers and their megawatt list — with Gisele Bündchen, The Rock and Lindsey Vonn — includes Cyc’s very own Keoni Hudoba!

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Here’s what they had to say:
“Sweaty inspiration via smartphone is just a tap away, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of professional athletes and trainers on Instagram, straight flexin’. With fit, active people from all walks of life posting impressive fitness feats to social media, we’re constantly hit with fresh doses of motivation to get bendy on our yoga mats, crush our next Crossfit WOD, try a new bodyweight movement or hit the ground running instead of hitting the snooze button.”

Check out the rest of DailyBurn’s post for more Instagram inspiration >>

And stay posted on Cyc motivation, events and Cycologists’ tips @cycfitness >>

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