Cyc Music: Sunday Chill Session

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We’re slowing down our tunes this week to help you unwind. Hit the breaks and experience Sunday’s #CycMusic Chill Session. This playlist is loaded with soothing sounds to close out your weekend >>

Don’t forget to book your bikes for the week tomorrow morning!

Tune in next Sunday for the latest from #cycmusic!

– Will Kelleher, Cycologist, Cyc Austin

2 thoughts on “Cyc Music: Sunday Chill Session

  1. annemarie

    I love all of Cyc’s playlists on SoundCloud! they get me through workdays AND workouts. thanks for sharing your awesome music!

    1. cycfitness Post author

      Hi Annemarie,
      You’re so welcome! Thanks for the positive words, we love hearing that you’re enjoying our tunes.
      Be sure to share them with your friends each week so we can keep spreading the #cycmusic love far and wide!
      Thanks again!


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