Cyc Shout-Out: SELF’s Fitness Hashtag to Watch

Check out what SELF Magazine is calling the new Fitness Hashtag to Watch, featuring trainer Natalie Uhling and Cyc’s Keoni Hudoba and Steph Dietz!

…One of our favorite things has got to be the #PartnerLikeABoss hashtag, the brainchild of trainers Natalie Uhling and her “partner in sweat” Keoni Hudoba, who are also both Under Armour ambassadors and Radius Fitness trainers. The two teamed up for a series of awesome partner poses and workouts while attending the conference together, like this bananas video of them below doing something called a “reverse wheelbarrow push-up.” 

Here’s one example, where Keoni and Steph paired up on their push-ups at the Forum Athletic Club (the home of Cyc Buckhead):

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Keoni Hudoba and Steph Dietz partnering like a boss at The Forum Athletic Club in Buckhead, Atlanta.

For the full Instagram video, more images, and more on this inspiring new fitness trend, click here >>

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