Hey Wisco – GETCYCD for Dallas!


We’re just a LITTLE Cyc’d about the Badgers in the Final Four. And so we’ve decided to pre-game. Hard.

Beginning this Friday we have free giveaways, Badger-jams and Cyc Wisco shirts (for just $10). A few lucky riders will win gift cards from local faves like The Nitty GrittyDLUX, Bassett Street Brunch Club, Fresco and Buffalo Wild Wings, to name a few.

To get in on the fun, check out any of these rides Friday and Saturday, and be sure to wear your Badger Gear (not like you have anything else in your closet):

6:15 AM – Kristin – Cyc
9:30 AM – Krista – Cyc
3:30 PM – Rachel – Cyc
4:30 PM – Steph – Cyc
6:30 PM – Jenny – Cyc Madness

9:30 AM – Molly – Cyc
10:30 AM – Megan S. – Cyc
11:30 AM – Melissa – Cyc

On, Wisconsin!

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