The 5 Best Places to Brunch After Cycle Class in Austin, TX


The Renedict with tofu from Bouldin Creek Cafe Photo Cred: Red Hot Vegans Pinterest

After 45 minutes on the bike at Cyc, there are a lot of words that describe the way you feel: exhilarated, proud, uplifted…hungry.

Here, we’re going to focus on the hungry.

After all, you just burned 800 calories in class! What’s the best way to reward yourself (and satisfy the rumbling of that soon-to-be-ripped stomach)? Well, that would be brunch. But don’t worry about wondering where to go, because here we’ve compiled a list for you: The Five Best Places to Brunch After Cycle Class in Austin, TX.

(Note: we suggest you don’t visit them all in one day…but we definitely won’t judge you if you do.)

1. Kerbey Lane Cafe


Raspberry Lemonade Pancakes, Photo: Kerbey Lane Pinterest

The best part about this brunch? It can last 24 hours, because this killer café never closes. Even better, they never stop serving breakfast! So if you sleep through that 9:30 a.m. Sunday class (and, umm, the 10:30 class) and end up spinning around 11:30, you don’t have to worry about missing out on maple syrup-slathered anything.

So say sayonara to that I-can’t-go-to-spin-I-gotta-get-an-omelette excuse.

2. JuiceLand


Fresh Juice, Photo:

While the word “brunch” typically conjures up images of Sex and the City-esque scenes, complete with bottomless mimosas and heaps of fancy food in the most upscale of settings, when you just worked your whole body for 45 minutes in spin, maybe you’re a little too tired for chewing. That’s where JuiceLand comes in. After all, why eat your brunch when you can drink it? Just grab a seat at one of their seven locations, sit back, suck down a smoothie like the Moontower (think a magical, milkshake-like mixture of banana, rice protein, cacao, dates and almond milk) and revel in the fact that you’re feasting on pure, healthy fuel—that won’t break the calorie bank.

The Hyde Park location is just minutes away from Cyc and is frequented by many a Cyc goer. Ask Troy about his weekly post-class group trips.

3. Bouldin Creek Cafe


Tamale Breakfast, Photo:

You’ve already tried every no-carb, no-fat, no-fun diet under the sun; you might as well say no to meat as well, at least for one meal. This vegetarian venue and hipster haven serves up traditional Texas fare (aka tacos!) and breakfast staples like bagels and eggs, but they’ve also got the cruelty-free equivalent of everything from BLTs to burgers and a mean “chik’n salad” sandwich. Whatever you choose, you’ve got to pair it with a Purple Lady—a delicious combination of champagne and lavender syrup.

Because vegetarian food can be fancy, too.

4. Stubb’s BBQ

StubbsStubb’s Gospel, Photo: Cirque du Sweet

If you jump off the bike with a hankerin’ for some barbeque, look no further. On Sundays, this BBQ joint/concert venue has got you covered with its world-renowned Gospel Brunch. Southern-style foods like grits, biscuits and gravy, brisket and beans are served up buffet-style, so when you’re starving after Cyc class, you won’t have to worry about small portions. And as a bonus, your grubbin’ will be set to a live gospel soundtrack…and accompanied by a make-your-own-bloody-mary bar with all the fixings.

At least the celery will be healthy, eh?

(Note: If you don’t want to totally undo all your hard work, you can also chow down on lighter fare like fruit salad and migas, which—if you lay off the chorizo and cheese—are a healthier, protein-packed way to start your day.)

5. Counter Culture


Kale and Wild Mushroom Omelette–made with tofu, Photo:

For an only-in-Austin experience post-exercise, head over to the East Side and get your brunch on at an establishment boasting cuisine they call vegan comfort food. And while you won’t find any eggs, bacon or butter-basted Belgian waffles here, you can instead indulge in a plate that’s full of flavor and void of any animal products, like spicy Tofu Rancheros or the Raw Oatmeal Banana Split, consisting of house-made oatmeal complete with bananas, strawberries, pineapple and chocolate sauce.

Even their mimosas have a healthy twist, and every time you go there, you’re likely to encounter a different fresh-squeezed juice mixture stirred into your champagne. After all, that animal-free fare isn’t going to wash itself down.

Now it’s your turn: what’s your favorite after-cycle-class brunch spot?

Written by avid #cycaustin rider, Sam Sumpter. Follow her @Its_Sam_babaaay for music recs and Seinfeld-related retweets.

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