5 Sports Bras for Your Best Workout Ever


Here at Cyc, we support you…

But, you know, in a moral way. And sometimes, ladies, you need a little more than that.

And while we know you’re more worried about burning calories than making the best-dressed list when you hop on the bike, it doesn’t mean those functional undergarments can’t be fashionable too. So check out our picks for five sports bras for your best workout ever.

(If you’re going to burn 800 calories, you want to look good doing it.)

1. Nike Pro Women’s Sports Bra (Back to the Basics) – $30, store.nike.com


No frills, no fanciness—just a basic sports bra that allows you to focus on those hills and jumps, with no distractions…or jiggling. (Oh, and it’s available in 12 colors…because we know you like options.)

2. Lululemon Energy Bra (Fancy Florals) – $52, lululemon.com


Some might say it’s foolish to spend over $50 on a sports bra…to which we say, not if it has flowers on it. And with a bra this cute, you’ve got to be burning more calories, right?

3. C9 By Champion Women’s Reversible Compression Cami Bra (Awesome & Affordable) – $12, target.com


Life motto: when in doubt, go to Target. These bras come in sweet color combos like purple and orange and are only $12 each, which means…well…you’re totally allowed buy 12 of them. Quantity over quality, for the win!

4. ASIC Hydrology Crossback Bra (Sleek & Sporty) – $22, ladyfootlocker.com

Crossback-braHydrology fabric keeps you dry while you’re perspiring up a storm, which makes it perfect for those Cyc sweat sessions. Plus, let’s be honest, it looks pretty sweet too.

5. Under Armour Women’s Heatgear Sonic Bra (Athlete Approved) – $35, underarmour.com


Think back to that Under Armour commercial with the guys yelling, “We must protect this house!” Well the house, in this case, refers to your chest. The bottom line is that this is pretty cool bra, and it’s made by one of our favorite brands.

What’s your favorite sports bra? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by avid #cycaustin rider, Sam Sumpter. Follow her @Its_Sam_babaaay for music recs and Seinfeld-related retweets.

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