Upgraded to iOS7 but don’t know how to use it? We got you.


Thanks to Bob Lefsetz and his extremely helpful tech emails, we became privy to some great advice on how to navigate the new iOS7 upgrade. We thought we’d share some highlights for those of you who made the switch but can’t seem to get your battery to last more than 16 minutes.

1. You can make the text bold. To do this go to Settings to General to Accessibility to Bold Text and make the circle green (i.e. on.) This will make the time more readable, as well as the name of apps, but e-mail text will also be bold.

2. To access the command center, i.e. the panel with all your favorite settings, don’t scroll from the bottom of the screen, but from OFF the screen. Yes, start down around the Home button and push your finger up and voila, the command center appears.

3. To improve battery life, turn off Background App Refresh. A. Go to Settings then General and it’s in the third panel down B. On the aforementioned command center, turn off AirDrop, unless you need it. Just click and the option to turn it off will appear. C. Turn on Reduce Motion in the Accessibility pane of Settings referenced above. Click here for even more tips on this.

4. You can improve visibility by turning on Increase Contrast in the Accessibility panel.

5. You can increase Text Size. In the first General panel under settings, you can also turn on Larger Dynamic Type in the Accessibility panel.

6. There is no cure for overall brightness of the screen but you can adjust brightness in the command center that appears when you swipe up from the Home button.

7. To unlock the phone, you do not have to swipe on “slide to unlock,” you can swipe from left to right anywhere on the screen!

Still need help? Click here for 15 tips to make the transition to iOS7 a bit smoother.

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