The Return of the Music Video – Part 2

Ciara and Nikki

Now that you’ve successfully conquered the dance routine from Chris Brown’s Love More and learned all the words to Iggy Azalea’s Work video, we think you’re ready for more. In this next round of our favorite music videos right now, we promise twerking, rebelling, and a long over due appearance by Missy Elliott. What more could you ask for?

7-12 of the Hottest, Must-see Music Videos You Must Watch Right Now:

7. Ciara ft. Nikki Minaj – I’m Out – I do it big. I hit them with the caps lock.”
8. Karmin – Acapella – “Thought he was gluten-free but all I got was bread.”
9. Feds Watching – 2 Chainz – “I be fresh as hell if the Feds watching.”
10. Avril Levine – Rock n Roll – “Don’t care about a reputation, must be living in the wrong generation.”
11. Jessie J – Wild – “If I swim with the piranhas it’s guaranteed that Imma probably have fish for dinner.” 
12. Fantasia featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott – Without Me – “You frontin’ man you stuntin’ man you worser than my ex. 

In case you missed the first 1-6 videos, check them out here!

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